KidsPeace Launches Online Resource for Military Kids

‘Growing Up Military’ provides anonymous counseling and support
to aid teens raised in military families

Schnecksville, Pa. – June 26, 2013 – As U.S. troops continue withdrawal from foreign theaters, military families across the country are adapting to family members who are returning, and those who, unfortunately, are not. To support the children of these families, KidsPeace today announces the launch of “Growing Up Military.”

This new community – part of TeenCentral.Net – provides children of military families with free access to trained counselors, relevant information, gaming interaction and peer support.

“There’s been a lot of talk about and media coverage on troops returning and reintegrating into their lives,” says Julius Licata, Ph.D., director of TeenCentral.Net. “What we don’t hear about are the children. Be it through a parent or sibling, these kids have experienced multiple deployments, faced uncertainty, loss, multiple relocations and much more. ‘Growing Up Military’ gives them an outlet; a forum; a safe place to ask for help or advice.” According to Licata, “Growing Up Military” allows children 11 to 18 years old to share their questions and concerns. Answers or guidance are provided within 24 hours from a master’s or doctorate level counselor.

Users log into “Growing Up Military” and are identified publicly only by pseudonyms. Other features include simple games, shared stories from other children of military families, searchable topics related to life as a child of a military family and more. All of this is designed to encourage these military kids to return as often as possible to the community.

“Because June is National PTSD Awareness Month, we wanted to begin the discussion of military kids and their families at a time of heightened awareness for our troops,” says Licata. “Our hope is to raise the same kind of awareness for the kids dealing with their own kinds of stress as members of military families.”

In 1998, KidsPeace helped pioneer online support services for teens by launching TeenCentral.Net to provide a safe and accessible place for kids. The site is free, anonymous and allows teens to log on, submit their stories and receive professional counseling within 24 hours, along with advice from their peers.

About KidsPeace
For 130 years, KidsPeace has been building on its expertise to give hope, help and healing to children, families and communities throughout the United States. Through its comprehensive range of residential treatment programs; accredited educational services; unique psychiatric hospital and foster care and community-based programs, KidsPeace is dedicated to helping people connect, transform and overcome their challenges to ensure a stable future, transition to adulthood and gain independence. Since its doors opened in 1882, more than
200,000 children have participated in one of the multitude of programs KidsPeace offers. For additional resources or more information on how to get involved, become a foster parent or make a donation, please visit Follow us on Facebook or on Twitter.


Summer, sunshine and social media…

davedehetre / Water Photos / CC BY-NC

Summer is a popular time for beach trips, golf outings, trips with the family, etc. Many employees take advantage of the warm summer days by taking some time off from work, but if you manage the social media accounts for your company you must make sure all accounts still run smoothly. Below is some advice to ensure your social media accounts are properly taken care of while you’re out of the office.

5 pieces of advice to follow before and during your vacation:

  •  Let clients know in advance. Make sure clients are aware of when you’ll be out of the office ahead of time especially if there’s a special promo/contest running, an issue with an account, etc.
  • Schedule posts.  Review scheduled posts for any errors including the time of day in which they go out. It’s easy to select 12:00 a.m. instead of 12:00 p.m.
  • Make sure monitoring is taken care of. Ask a colleague to monitor and manage all social media activity while you’re out.
  • Make sure other employees are aware of what’s going on. If there’s a contest going on make sure employees are well informed about it, if there’s a sticky situation on one of the accounts, etc.
  • Ensure you have crisis plan in place. Who will handle a social media crisis should one occur while you’re out?

Those are just a few pieces of advice to put your mind at ease while on vacation. I’d love to hear from other social media managers. Do you have any additional tips to share?

Photo credit: davedehetre / / CC BY-NC

Switch is Highly Configurable Multi-Monitor Mounting System

Innovative Office Products introduces Switch at InfoComm 2013; enables A/V communications professionals to easily add monitors and adjust viewing angles

Orlando – June 12-14, 2013Innovative Office Products, Inc., introduces the Switch™, a highly configurable solution for multi-monitor applications at InfoComm, June 12-14, 2013, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Fla., Booth 5458.

Switch is a multi-monitor mounting system that makes it easy for audiovisual communications professionals and other users to configure monitors and easily adapt later to meet future needs.

“This new product makes it easy to convert monitor configurations with little time or effort required, often without even having to purchase additional components,” said Joe Tosolt, president of Innovative Office Products. “It is perfect for the multi-monitor needs of audiovisual professionals today and as they grow with additional monitors.”

Switch features a quick-install VESA that saves set-up time, and easy slide and pivot capabilities so users can:
•Position monitors in either portrait or landscape
•Accommodate most monitors up to 24-inch widescreen and up to 15 pounds per monitor.
•Configure up to four monitors per mount. Combine multiple mounts for monitor arrays of unlimited size.

About Innovative Office Products, Inc.
Innovative Office Products, Inc. ( blends function and style in products that improve ergonomics, save space and increase the flexibility of the modern office. Based in Easton, Pa., Innovative office mounting solutions that range from flexible radial arms to space-saving mounts for desk and wall.

Busby is First Desktop Accessory to Add USB Hub to Monitor Mount

Innovative Office Products unveils Busby tm USB Mount At Neocon 2013, offering convenient access to charge and connect all USB-enabled devices from the desktop monitor mount_

CHICAGO – June 10-12, 2013 – Innovative Office Products,Inc. , unveils Busby tm, the world’s first flat panel monitor mount with built-in USB ports, at NeoCon, June 10-12, 2013, at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Booth 7-3022B.

Busby integrates four USB ports into a flat-panel monitor mount, providing convenient access for charging and connecting all USB-enabled devices without consuming additional desk space.

“Many computer users are forced to crawl under their desks to plug into a USB port on their PC, or add an additional hub to their laptops,” said Joe Tosolt, president of Innovative Office Products. “Busby eliminates this inconvenience by putting USB ports at their fingertips and, when combined with a flexible mounting arm, maximizes computing ergonomics and desktop flexibility.”

The mount includes power cord and computer connections in the back, and four USB ports in front. It is compatible with most flat panel monitor arms made by Innovative.

According to Tosolt, Busby is a logical step in the company’s continuing development of products that improve modern desktop function, while saving space and enhancing ergonomics. “We task our engineers to thoughtfully consider a variety of office workspaces to find small improvements that make a big difference,” said Tosolt.

About Innovative Office Products, Inc.
Innovative Office Products, Inc. ( blends function and style that improve ergonomics, save space and increase the flexibility of the modern office. Based in Easton, Pa., Innovative office mounting solutions that range from flexible radial arms to space-saving mounts for desk and wall.

New Dual EVO® Mount Provides Desktop Flexibility

Innovative Office Products introduces Dual EVO® Mount at NeoCon, enabling users to mount two flat panel arms from one desktop point

CHICAGO – June 10-12, 2013 – Innovative Office Products, introduces the Dual EVO® Mount at NeoCon, June 10-12, 2013, at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Booth 7-3022B. The new mount enables users to mount two EVO LCD arms from a single point on the desktop.

The dual mount is the latest addition to the award-winning EVO LCD arm family, which was recently redesigned and reengineered with Better Balance Technology to be sleeker and easier to use.

“The Dual EVO Mount provides greater flexibility to the growing number of people using two flat panel monitors on their desktop,” said Joe Tosolt, president of Innovative Office Products. “With separate arms inserted into one sleek, space-saving mount, users can move their monitors independently for a broad range of working options.”

The Dual EVO Mount is 10.4 × 18.6 inches and holds monitors up to 20 pounds each. It can be clamped to desk edge or grommet, or bolted through the desk.

Along with the dual mount, the full line of reengineered EVO LCD arms will be featured at NeoCon. The arms are comprised of 99 percent recyclable material, and feature:
• Sleep and modern design to complement the workspace.
• Better Balance^tm^ Technology, a newly invented counterbalance mechanism that provides true constant force across the arm’s entire range of motion.

About Innovative Office Products, Inc.
Innovative Office Products, Inc. ( blends function and style in products that improve ergonomics, save space and increase the flexibility of the modern office. Based in Easton, Pa., Innovative office mounting solutions that range from flexible radial arms to space-saving mounts for desk and wall.

Kimball Communications Adds Men’s Hair Care, 
Manufacturing and Trade Association Clients

Public relations seen as viable, affordable post-recession marketing says agency president

Announcing the addition of three new clients to its roster today, Kimball Communications president Gary Kimball says the Lehigh Valley public relations agency’s string of new business wins is further evidence, in part, that businesses are looking to public relations as a central element of their post-recession marketing plans.

“For many small to mid-size organizations, the Great Recession ended the days of budgets dedicated exclusively to advertising,” said Gary Kimball, president of Kimball Communications. “What we’re seeing now is a better and more diversified marketing mix. This includes a reduced emphasis on paid media or ads, smarter use of owned and shared media, which ranges from newsletters to social media, and a growing appreciation for earned media or public relations.”

Three companies subscribing to Kimball’s assessment of marketing that recently signed with the agency include:

  • Shaving Grace Barbers, a chain of tonsorial parlors headquartered in Philadelphia offering an old-school barbershop experience with a few modern, achievable luxuries for today’s sophisticated male. Kimball Communications will handle the chain’s public relations work and serve as an advisor for the company’s social media efforts.
  • Easton Lean Tools, a new brand of ergonomic products designed to improve the lives and productivity of manufacturing workers from Innovative Office Products. The Easton, Pa.-based manufacturer hired Kimball Communications to assess its social media opportunities and lead its ongoing public relations efforts as it launches a series of new products.
  • The American Association of Managing General Agents (AAMGA), an international, professional trade association representing the wholesale insurance marketplace. Based in King of Prussia, Pa., AAMGA has engaged Kimball Communications to advise its Board of Directors on a range of internal and external communications matters.

About Kimball Communications
Kimball Communications ( is a results-driven, public relations agency with offices in Easton, Pa. and Charleston, S.C., dedicated to serving the individual public relations needs of every client. Founded in 1995, the agency provides innovative public relations and social media solutions to a variety of clients. Visit us on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@kimballpr).