Summer, sunshine and social media…

davedehetre / Water Photos / CC BY-NC

Summer is a popular time for beach trips, golf outings, trips with the family, etc. Many employees take advantage of the warm summer days by taking some time off from work, but if you manage the social media accounts for your company you must make sure all accounts still run smoothly. Below is some advice to ensure your social media accounts are properly taken care of while you’re out of the office.

5 pieces of advice to follow before and during your vacation:

  •  Let clients know in advance. Make sure clients are aware of when you’ll be out of the office ahead of time especially if there’s a special promo/contest running, an issue with an account, etc.
  • Schedule posts.  Review scheduled posts for any errors including the time of day in which they go out. It’s easy to select 12:00 a.m. instead of 12:00 p.m.
  • Make sure monitoring is taken care of. Ask a colleague to monitor and manage all social media activity while you’re out.
  • Make sure other employees are aware of what’s going on. If there’s a contest going on make sure employees are well informed about it, if there’s a sticky situation on one of the accounts, etc.
  • Ensure you have crisis plan in place. Who will handle a social media crisis should one occur while you’re out?

Those are just a few pieces of advice to put your mind at ease while on vacation. I’d love to hear from other social media managers. Do you have any additional tips to share?

Photo credit: davedehetre / / CC BY-NC


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