4 Social Media Mistakes Brands Make

Social media can enhance brands, but sometimes brands make social media errors that could potentially hurt its reputation. Let’s face it, not all brand are flawless when it comes to social media. Brands large and small have all made a mistake at one point or another, but you don’t want your brand to lose credibility due to social media mistakes.

Social media platforms should be a priority. After all, posts are there for everyone to see. Below are 4 common social media mistakes brands make.

fireflythegreat / Foter.com / CC BY

Don’t Make These Mistakes

  • Incorrect links. Nothing is worse than coming across an article with a link that leads to the wrong website or does not work. Always double check links!
  • Long links. The never ending link is hard on the eyes and it can appear spammy. Please use a link shortener.
  • Generic posts or irrelevant posts. Posting generic posts or completely irrelevant can make your followers stray. Be original and creative.
  • Little or no Engagement. Being a ghost on social media platforms may be the worst mistake a brand can make. Let other know you’re listening. Make a point to interact with your followers.

Those are just a few mistakes brands make. Which mistake makes you cringe the most?  Comment below.

Photo credit: fireflythegreat / Foter.com / CC BY