Don’t leave your clients in the dark

brantleydavidson / Foter / CC BY

Changes to social media platforms occur frequently. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay up-to-speed with all the social platforms. It’s important to keep clients well-informed of what’s happening on their social media platforms.

Here are a few tips to keep clients informed:

  • Keep clients up-to-date on changes occurring on relevant platforms. If there’s a change to Pinterest, but they’re not on it the site, there’s probably no need to inform them of a particular change.
  • Only share major changes. Clients receive enough emails. Keep them informed if the change is significant to their account(s) and worth sharing. If there’s a new layout on a social media platform that will affect their page, it’s worth sharing.
  • Keep it short, but informative. Provide a sentence or two about the change. Always provide a link or attachment that explains in detail about the social media change in case they would like more information.
  • Give them a timeframe of when the change will take place (if possible). Sometimes it difficult to gauge exactly when a change will occur, but even giving them a ballpark estimate can be helpful.

Do you have any additional tips or suggestions to share? Comment below.

Photo credit: brantleydavidson / Foter / CC BY


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