How to make the most of your LinkedIn profile

Creating a LinkedIn profile is a great way to broadcast yourself online. LinkedIn accounts can help you land your dream job or grow your business. It’s important to have the right elements on your profile. Looking to stand out in the crowd and make the most out of your LinkedIn presence? Read below on how to enhance your LinkedIn profile.
ideagirlmedia / Foter / CC BY-ND
Here’s what your profile should include:
  • Experience: In addition to including your job title and how many year(s) you worked in a particular position, be sure to include your duties/roles (include present and past experiences) and, most importantly, your achievements in each role. Note: Leave out  personal information such as family or hobbies.
  • A custom url  for your public profile will make it more sharable and easy to find.
  • A professional photo is a must for your profile. This doesn’t mean you need a stuffy headshot, but keep your personal life out of your photo and keep the picture current.
  • A Summary that highlights your specialties and showcases a bit of your personality.
  • Education.
  • Any awards and honors you’ve received or volunteer work.
  • Groups relevant to you and your work.
  • The company you currently work for (be sure to link to your company’s page).
  • Connections to any Twitter account or blog platform that you use for professional purposes.
Be active.

  • Ask for Recommendations to enhance your profile and write recommendations for others.
  • Join relevant groups and actively partake in group discussions once or twice a week (or as time allows).
  • Attending an upcoming conference? Come across an interesting article? Share it!

Lastly, it’s important to have someone proofread your LinkedIn profile for any punctuation or spelling errors. The fastest way to look unprofessional is to have a typo in what is, for all intents and purposes, your most important professional online presence.

Does your LinkedIn profile have everything to land you the perfect job or grow your business? 

Photo credit: ideagirlmedia / Foter / CC BY-ND


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