Get to know James McKinsey, Public Relations Manager

Public relations is all about relationships—the people behind the stories. That’s why we’re offering this blog series all about our team members. This isn’t about our professional accomplishments but who we are as people. We hope you have as much fun reading along as we do interviewing each other.

1. What got you interested in public relations?

When I was in high school, like many teenagers, I wanted to have an impact on the world. Most students would aspire to become doctors, scientists, athletes, builders or other jobs that have a direct effect on society, perceptions and trends. I decided early on to focus on winning hearts and minds for important causes and make a positive impact through dialogue and discussion. In college, and later graduate school, I studied the impact that the media has on shaping public opinion and actions, and since then I have helped nonprofits, municipalities, financial institutions, renewable energy developers and small businesses grow their visibility and advance their missions to positively impact the world.

2. Tell us about your favorite movie and what appeals most to you about it?

I consider myself a nerd, I grew up on Star Wars and love the classic “hero’s journey.” That aside, my favorite movie would have to be Saving Private Ryan. It has everything, fantastic cinematography, great dialogue and an engaging story. A movie that includes Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, and even early-career Vin Diesel and Nathan Fillion is a winner in my book.

3. What was the last, best book you read and what about it spoke to you?

Professionally, I am a fan of Malcom Gladwell’s books and his thoughts on the nature of success. I feel recognizing the natural advantages that some receive combined with the work and dedication that comes with expertise, has helped me better understand how people naturally develop.

Recreationally, The Name of The Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss are fun, non-fiction stories that I enjoyed reading with my fiancé. I am eagerly awaiting the release of The Doors of Stone to complete the series.

4. Tell us about a meaningful hobby or “outside of work” commitment that is important to you?

I grew up in the Boy Scouts, and volunteer work remains an important part of my life. I volunteer regularly with my local animal shelter to help care for the dogs and cats and keep them active. Outside of volunteering, I am and avid hiker in the warmer months and skier in the winter.

5. Share a fun fact about you.

I marched in the New York Saint Patrick’s Day parade with my high school marching band without knowing how to play an instrument.


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