TeenCentral.Net Educates Teens about Dating Violence

Online graphic novel educates teens about domestic violence, offers resources

Schnecksville, Pa. – One in three teens will experience some form of abuse from someone they are dating. To raise awareness of dating violence and help abused teens get help, TeenCentral.Net today announces the launch of ‘A Good Date Gone Bad.’

This online graphic novel – another in a series of themed sections on TeenCentral.Net – provides teenagers with information about domestic violence, including signs of dating violence, advice to handle an abusive date, and a safety plan to help teens avoid abuse.

“Although we hear about domestic violence in the news sometimes, dating violence among teens, which occurs with alarming frequency, is rarely discussed in public,” says Julius Licata, Ph.D., director of TeenCentral.Net. “Teens often don’t know what is normal or abnormal in a relationship. Because they may not recognize certain behaviors as abusive, ‘A Good Date Gone Bad’ offers insight and help for teens with concerns.”

‘A Good Date Gone Bad’ provides an interactive quiz to help teens identify if they are in an abusive relationship followed by steps on how get help. The steps include a list of certified websites and hotlines for victims to call. Another important section of the site is the safety plan, which encourages teens to have a plan in place that has been shared with trusted individuals to lower chances of being abused.

TeenCentral.Net is a unique prevention, intervention and aftercare website developed by KidsPeace, a national not-for-profit mental and behavioral healthcare charity headquartered in Lehigh Valley, Pa. TeenCentral.Net’s mission is to help teens safely and anonymously tell their stories and receive sound advice within 24 hours from specially trained volunteers and counselors. All postings by teens and volunteers are reviewed by Master’s level clinicians before appearing on the site. To learn more, visit TeenCentral.Net.


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