Convincing Clients to Tweet

When I was reading the article about Twitter in the November issue of Wired, my eyes locked on the way the writer summarized the fast-growing medium – a place to share information with people who want to receive it. That, I think, is the reason for PR pros to pursue it, even for their clients that see little application for their audience.

Take my humble little PR agency ( We’re heavy in the P&C insurance industry with clients who target agents and brokers, risk managers and other non-consumer audiences. Maybe only a few in this universe tweet, along with just selected editors and trade associations. That’s today.

But we need to get them to think about tomorrow, about the notion of sharing information with people who want to receive it. As those involved with communications and social media have long known, that is becoming the preferred way to reach an audience – not force-feeding information with press releases and email blasts.

So companies, even though they understandably don’t see the immediate application or benefit, need to jump in, get their feet wet and get used to this new way to connect with their audience. Sooner or later, they will have to, so they should be ready.


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