Behind the Headlines with Eileen Coyne

behind-the-headlines-hiCision, one of the world’s most prominent global media intelligence companies, recently reached out to the newest addition to the Kimball Communications team, Eileen Coyne, to talk about public relations.

In her interview, Eileen discusses the importance of creating meaningful content, insights for relationship building and the all-important need for strong writing skills in the world of PR.

Click here for the complete interview between Cision and our own Eileen Coyne.

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I'm a writer, bibliophile, witty wordsmith and generally a commentator on the world around me. Professionally, I am a partner and vice president of a Greater Philadelphia-based public relations agency that helps businesses get their messages out into the world in a positive, effective way. Kimball Hughes Public Relations also specializes in helping organizations manage crisis communications situations. Contact me at

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