Ecopax Introduces New To-Go Paper Container Line

Athena collection offers food service providers customization options, quality

EASTON, Pa. —Jan. 6, 2014— Ecopax Inc., a leading manufacturer of single-use plates and takeout containers based in the Lehigh Valley, today introduces its Athena paper container product line. Acutely aware of foodservice operators’ needs in today’s competitive marketplace, this product line strikes a balance among end-user experience, performance and aesthetic appeal.

The Athena line differs from many round paper containers currently in the marketplace by avoiding the high, bucket-shaped walls that detract from the end-user experience. The Athena line’s lower-wall design results in consumers enjoying the familiar experience of eating out of a bowl rather than trying to eat out of a bucket.

The Athena line is suitable for both cold and hot meals. Salads are well presented through the crystal clear lid, which is also vented to insure hot foods remain fresh. Moreover, Ecopax engineered the rim of the containers to securely snap shut, resulting in a secure fit that prevents leakage.

Custom printing is another feature of the Athena line. Multi-color graphics and QR codes are an essential channel to connect with customers. Foodservice operators can leverage the feature for branding, post-purchase advertising and promotions.

“Great packaging enhances customer satisfaction,” said Christina Wong, vice president of operations for Ecopax. “Our new paper containers offer performance and aesthetics. They are the perfect substitution to monochromatic plastic packages. Our customers will be able to better engage their end-users through customized messaging.”

The Athena line is available in three sizes — 24oz., 32 oz. and 48 oz. Ecopax also offers Athena line with a microwave safe feature.

Ecopax is a leading manufacturer of single-use takeout containers and consumer tabletop ware that are made with foam, paper and plastic designed to accommodate a variety of needs in the food service and consumer industries. For more information, please call (484) 546-0700 or visit


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