The Logo That Appeared Out of Nowhere

When you’re a small public relations agency trying to promote yourself, often you just take what you can get. And that’s what we did with our identity, web site and invisible self-promotion. I’ll admit it, it’s been tough over the last 15 years to find the budget or time to do what we preach to our clients.

Then our strategic partnership with Bailey Brand Consulting ( set them to work on giving our 10-year-old (yes, it looked it) website a facelift. We sent the copy and “assets.” They sent a site map and we approved it. And then I get an email one day from my old friend Reg Pierce. Attached was a logo. Our new logo and something I never asked for or expected.

By juxtaposing a speech bubble with the letter “K,” Bailey combined two simple elements to create a mark that captured the essence of what we do. So I did what any small PR agency would do when their logo is redesigned by a branding heavyweight like Bailey – I approved it with no changes. It became the anchor on the new website, which also is great ( and even scored a Silver when Bailey submitted it to the Creativity Awards ( winners.pdf).

We have great clients, we get them results and now we have an identity that speaks to who we are.


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